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Please complete the form below to have your/your group's information posted on our website.  If you prefer to complete a hard copy of this form, get one here or on the credenza in the Welcome Center; please take your completed form to the Church Office.

If this request is for a new page OR to change the layout of a current page, please look at the various page layouts already in use on our website and describe the layout you would like to use below. (I.e. 3-columns, box above 2-columns, box below 2-columns...)

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Using pictures and/or graphics is highly recommended and should be submitted in jpeg format.  You may email your pictures/graphics to the Website Committee or take a disc, flash drive, or a hard copy picture/graphic that can be scanned, to the Church Office (hard copy photos and graphics will be returned).

If this is a NEW page or you want to CHANGE THE LAYOUT of a current page, please describe the layout you would like:
Is this page for an UPCOMING EVENT?
If yes, on what date should the page be visible to visitors to our website?
On what date should this page be taken down?
If this page is NOT for an upcoming event, under which HOMEPAGE TAB should it be placed?
Please provide the UPDATED or NEW information (text) would you would like on this page:

If you do not have photos or a graphic to use on your website page, email, call or stop by the Church Office; one of the office staff may be able to find one for you!