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Our meetings are on the 4th Tuesday each month. We meet in room 18/20 from 7:00pm to 8:15pm.

For more info please contact:

Adam Rustige 314-699-8948

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Social Justice Group Mission Statement 

Recognize and reduce the bias relating to gender, national origin, skin color, ethnicity, age, sexual preference, wealth and religion in the U.S., and promote legal, economic and social equality.
Recognize the historical and ongoing role of immigrants and their contributions to American culture.
Be proactive in sharing these growing understandings with other members of the wider community, which is in keeping with the mission of the U.C.C. (


Upcoming Events

Screening of Harvest of Empire

June 24th

Immigration has become one of our nation’s biggest issues over the past several years. As people of faith, it is important that we take in as much information as possible, and reflect on such issues theologically to discern how God would have us respond. In this interest, the Social Justice Group is offering an opportunity to begin looking at immigration through the lens of history, learning from experts and our neighbors.

On June 24th we will be screening the highly-acclaimed documentary Harvest of Empire: the Untold Story of Latinos in America, a film which looks at the relationship between the US and our Latin American neighbors, and explores the causes of migration to the US (causes which you may find surprising). We will begin in the Adult Ed Room (18/20) at 6pm with a meal, followed by the film, and a discussion. We will be prepared to relocate to a bigger space if need be. We also want to make you aware that this film is not child friendly, as there are graphic scenes and images. We are working to secure child care so all that wish to may be able to attend. If child care is needed, please contact Pastor Eric at, or call or text 928-607-6560.

If you plan to attend please let us know by signing up on the community board or register below. Thank you, and we hope you will join us! 

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Prayer Vigil for Racial Harmony

August 6th

A Prayer Vigil for Racial Harmony will on the afternoon of Sunday, August 6th.  


 Check out our past Social Justice events and programs and stay tuned for more upcoming events!