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                                                               Summer/Fall, 2017

Education for adults is offered regularly at St. Lucas United Church of Christ through the efforts of the Adult Education Committee who work to provide a variety of learning opportunities geared to adults throughout the program year. We encourage and welcome your participation!  













Dr. Adam Ployd

Assistant Professor of Church History

and Historical Theology

Eden Theological Seminary





Sundays, September 17th & 24th,

October 1st & 8th


10:10 am in the Adult Ed Room





   As we commemorate the 500th anniversary of Luther’s 95 Theses and the beginnings of the Reformation, join us to explore the larger significance of this historical event. Was there a single Reformation or many competing Reformations? Was this about religious renewal or cultural and political upheaval? Does the legacy of the Reformation(s) live on primarily in our divided denominations, or is there a larger legacy that shapes our lives beyond the church?


Your Story Matters 
With Pastor Keith





Every other Tuesday beginning June 13th

@ 10:30 a.m.

Our summer study is a celebration of our everyday lives. It's about how we change and grow, yet remain constant, from moment tot moment, year to year, from one stage of life to another. We will work with the whole range of stories and rituals that take us from childhood to old age through six sessions designed to explore the arc of our lives...from beginning to end.