St. Lucas UCC - Becoming a Member

 Welcome new members!

The Process

When you know St. Lucas is the place you want to call your church home, there are three simple steps which facilitate making a commitment with this congregation. 

  1. Let us know of your decision! 
    Write your contact information on the red Friendship Pad passed during worship and check the box indicating you would like to join St. Lucas UCC; someone will contact you very soon after that. 
  2. After discussion with one of our Membership & Evangelism Committee members, you will be asked to complete and submit a Membership Information Form (see below).
  3. Attend a specific worship service, when new members are received (usually held once a month) to be recognized and received into the life of this church.

    Have questions before going any further?  Email Debbie Heagle in the Church Office - she'll be happy to assist you, either by answering your questions directly or forwarding your questions to a member of M & E who will contact you.



Data Forms 


Fill out a brief form to provide information which will help us partner you with another family or person of similar interests.  This partner in membership will be there for you as you are acquainted with our community and keeping you informed about congregational events.


The New Member data form can be downloaded and printed; once completed, send it to or drop it off in the Church Office. Thank you for your interest in St. Lucas UCC - we're happy to have you among us!



Talent and Interest Survey


You are also encouraged to download and complete a Talent and Interest Survey which will help you and your family know St. Lucas better.  These surveys are also available in the Church Office.